Pacific Health Review Issue 29

In this issue:
  -  Alcohol consumption in Pacific people living in NZ
  -  How to reach out to Pacific people in NZ during the COVID-19 pandemic
  -  The inequity of access to contraception in NZ
  -  PCV10 reduces hospitalisations for pneumonia in Fiji
  -  Ethnic differences in complications of type 2 diabetes in NZ
  -  Community perceptions of risk factors for diabetes in Vanuatu
  -  Is Samoa prepared for an outbreak of COVID-19?
  -  Behaviour change interventions used in Pacific people
  -  How to improve school food in the Pacific
  -  Impact of a soft-drink tax in Tonga
  -  Mortality trends in Tonga from 2010–2018
  -  Who is not enrolling with PHOs in Aotearoa NZ?

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